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To me, creating a web site is like writing a book, you have to create something that you know about. I know about finding love through online dating because I did find my love online. We have been married for almost 15 years!

Online Dating Resources was created to help you find out about the leading online dating sites.  But even more than that, we want to help you navigate around the possible pot-holes of online dating's potential hazards.

Our goal is to give you online dating site reviews, relationship advice, dating information and varied links to help you along the way.

My husband and I met online as members of an online dating site.   Because of our experience, both before we met, as well as the actual meeting, we decided that an Online Dating Resources website would benefit people who are thinking of joining an online dating site or are already involved but have questions or concerns.

We have had a great deal of personal experience with online dating with a few different online dating sites.  As well, I have experience being a moderator for a chat rooms. One chat discussed online relationships that I hosted.  I would like to pass on the information I gathered, the tales I heard and some conclusions I came to as a benefit to your search for love.  Between these two enormous resources, my goal is to help you along the online dating highway.

We may receive compensation as an affiliate marketer, but our reviews do not have any bearing on potential compensation. We uphold the highest of standards in the operation of our site.

Jan & Bill

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