Tips On Finding Your Love Through Online Dating

Finding love online is very popular and has become mainstream. All you have to do is visit an online dating site, well at least this is the first step.

The most important thing you can do is to get out there and connect with other singles. Many of the dating sites offer free trials. Take a look at the pictures on the sites first and browse some of the profiles. If you feel not only comfortable with the site, but also drawn to the site, then sign-up for a membership.

If you don't sign up finding love online simply isn't going to happen for you.

A quick internet search will show you plenty of of online dating sites. We have tried to make the search easier for you. Just visit the online dating sites we showcase on this site. We cover all sorts of different areas and interests.

Finding love online couldn't be easier, there are so many sites that are full of hopeful singles looking for love, just like you.

Be Honest When You Fill Out Your Profile

It can be very hard to write about yourself, I understand.  The best thing you can do is take a piece of paper and write out things about yourself.  Your job, hobbies, interests, etc.  Some really good points to make are, for example, that you love power walking, that you're not a couch potato, that art is a major part of your life, etc Also, show your most recent picture and provide a truthful profile. 

In your search of finding love online it is very important not to concentrate on the fact that your are trying to find love, but concentrate more on finding people that match you and your interest. Start talking and try video chat. When you feel there is a connection then you are ready to meet offline.

Taking Online Dating Off-Line

When you finally decide to meet, the decision of where to go and what to do can be daunting.

Your love relationship is what you both have developed online and now it is time to meet in person.  It is very exciting and can be scary.

The first thing to consider is where to meet.  For safety concerns, the best place to meet is in a place that is not your home.  A public place like a pub, coffee shop or a restaurant is best.

Tell a family member or a friend where you are going and how long you expect to be.  If you have a cell phone make sure you keep it turned on.

It also may be a good idea to park your car a block or so away from where you are meeting.  If the date does not go well, you don't want the person knowing your car or license plate.  If the date goes well, you have a nice stroll, holding hands and talking, to your car before you leave.

Remember that this is the 'first impression' so you want to look your best.  Depending on your age, it may mean that you have your nose ring polished, or you have your hair colored.  Whatever it is, just remember that the person you are meeting has had a fantasy/dream about you and this moment for a long time.  If the picture(s) you have shown your new love are a 'tad' out of date, it is best to confess to this prior to meeting.  The date could be over before it starts when you meet and you don't look like your picture(s).

The Ending Of Your Date

It may be a hand shake, a nice kiss good night, or back to your place.  It all depends on how the first date went and/or how far you want to take the first meeting.

I would suggest you don't get intimate right away because this may be the only thing the other person is after and waves goodbye after it is over, never to be heard from again.  If this is cool with you, great, if it isn't it would be much better that you discuss your expectations before you are left feeling used.  If he/she cares enough about you they will be willing to wait until you are ready to take the next step.

The Next Day

There are a numerous possibilities here. Let's look at a couple.

1.  The date went well and you could hardly wait to get back online and talk to your new love.  He/she isn't there.  What could that mean?  Well, could be that he/she went straight to bed.  Could be that he/she isn't as excited about how the date went as you are.  At this point try to relax and wait and see what happens.  You will find out soon enough, even if it is only silence.

2. That date went well and you both jump online as soon as you can to talk. Your both happy and looking forward to the next time you meet.

3.  The date started off well but somewhere along the line it went 'side-ways'.  One or both were just happy it was over.  Does that mean that what you felt online was not real?  Not necessarily.  Could be that you were both nervous and/or had high expectations.  Could be that there was no chemistry.  What I would say at this point is don't give up yet.  Talk a bit more and try again.  The next time may be the trick.  If contact is broken off don't give up.  He or she may not have been the right one, but there are plenty more out there to chose from.  Your true soulmate is just waiting for you!

Our Love Relationship Is Working

When you do make a connection and the relationship is working you want to do everything in your power to help it grow.  That means that you want to spend as much time online and off-line as you can.  Do things together like going for walks, drives, even take weekends away together.  When it is working it is so important to try even harder, and keep trying as long as the relationship lasts.  My hope for you is that it is forever!

It Didn't Work

Difficult when it doesn't work, especially if you have spent a great deal of time talking online, and maybe even the phone.  You may feel like walking away from the whole idea of online dating, and to take a break may be wise, but not necessary.  If you do walk away, don't walk away forever.  There are plenty of people out there looking for love, just like you.  Maybe it's time to try and new online dating site. I tried several before I found my love who is now my husband of almost 14 years!


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