Finding Your Love Through Online Dating
Is It Love Or Infatuation?

Isn't it wonderful when you connect with someone special at an online dating site!  You begin to message more often, spend more and more time sharing information, video chatting, or talking on the phone.

Your free time is now spent more and more in front of the computer so you can be with that special someone.  The two of you begin to tell each other how much you care.  You may even say the "L" word. 

It is easy to feel that you have fallen in love with the person you are communication with at an online dating site.  You probably have shared more about yourselves, your past, your dreams, your desires, etc., than you have shared with anyone else.  You feel you really know each other, you feel so close, it's almost like you can hear their voice (if you haven't through the computer) and you can almost feel their touch.  Your heart races each time you start to talk.  Yes, you are sure you are in love, but is it love or infatuation?

Prior To Meeting Your Online Love

When you spend so many hours together online, day after day it is very easy to feel that it is love.  In fact it is possible that you are in love.  You know each other so well, probably better than anyone else, but you still have to get through the last test.

Infatuation is: fluttering of the heart;  rise in body temperature;  fluids flowing; the desire to be with that person forever and always (sounds like love too doesn't it).  If you stayed in this mode of communication for the rest of your lives you would be totally devoted to each other, there is no doubt about that.  It is very hard to maintain this level, no matter what, but the true test comes in the meeting.

Meeting Your Online Love

When you finally meet in person you can hear their voice, see their eyes, their smile, and last, but never least, the "chemistry".  Chemistry is really the pheromones that we release and whether they are received well by the other, or rejected is still a mystery.

No matter how well you may know each other prior to meeting and not matter how well you may get along, if there is no "chemistry" you may be friends forever but you will never be a couple.  I am talking about love in the true sense of love forever.  You may love the person for who they are, what they represent, what they do, their morals and standards, but if there is no "chemistry/pheromones" there will be no long term love relationship.

Is Physical Attraction Enough

So you finally meet in person and you know that the connection is not love and never will be love, but there is a physical attraction. Is that enough?

Personally I would say it isn't. Eventually one of you. or both, will find love through online dating and the other will be left behind.

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