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advice for women searching for love online

Advice (from a man) for women.

Regardless of what anyone says about "being attracted to a persons looks being superficial"..... We are (attracted by looks). There is no getting around the fact. Physical attraction at a couples first point of contact has it's important role to play and is a healthy integral part of mating.

That is not to say one must be beautiful, just that there must be something that a man finds attractive in her appearance. Yes, I am of course, recommending you put your best face forward.

Always Be honest and provide an accurate, recent photo. Find one you (or a friend) feels best showcases your best smile or whatever it is that makes you irresistible. Depending on the type of relationship you are seeking, "best face forward" may not necessarily mean face, if you catch my drift. Do keep in mind, "what" and "the way" you depict yourself will have a great deal of influence on who responds and why.

I know you're paying attention, so you caught the bit about "accurate, recent photo". It's very important not fool yourself into thinking you still look just the same you did in the staff picnic photo taken ten years ago. If you honestly represent your current best self, you'll end up with someone who is attracted to the real you, instead of disappointed he is not meeting the 10 years younger you he expected from your photo. Deceit about appearance, resulting in let down, is a big hurdle to overcome at the start and never brings about a happy ending.

All of the above is true for stating your age accurately too.

If you're only about looking for a "romp", there's no need to read any further. My wit and wisdom is not going to get any deeper, and you know pretty much all you need to know about putting together your profile. People you are hoping to connect with and those most likely to reply are unlikely to be requiring to know your emotional needs or favorite hobby. (But that does happen sometimes too... Looking for fun and finding romance!)

No it is not all about physical appearance, but yes that is going to be the first contact point. So showcase you, in your best and honest light.

I'll be back soon to continue this ... In the meantime if you want to ask us a question about putting together your profile, E-mail us at

I'll be back soon!

JB (a man)

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